banvox – Let Me Take You [Official Music Video]


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キャラクター “アダム=ユーリエフ”テーマソング

Let Me Take You – Lyric

作詞作曲 : banvox
Vocal : banvox & Vocaloid


Breaking through the deadline, the deadline,
“When the world against me is when I come alive, I come alive” he singing to me now
I’m looking past the blue ice of my mind in to the truth
There’s a soul that must be , that must be , yeah free to fly


What is take to come alive
Stay down from the fly and never change
And there’s nothing holding back
Oh yeah, let me take you

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“Let Me Take You” Music Video Crew

Cast : Aoi Yamada
Producer : Takuya Masuda
Camera : Kenji Watanabe
Light : Tomoyuki Ikeda

Director : Hiroteru Matsuda