Token of Me Soul Compass Soft Launch w/ Abraham Hicks & Dr. Joe Dispenza


Token of Me launched our Soul Compass(TM) on July 30, 2023 with 101 registrants and 68 active participants.

We thank Abraham Hicks who validated our breakthrough and Dr. Joe Dispenza who asked us to submit our Soul Compass(TM) to his product development team for consideration to measure and validate the power of self-healing in flow states.

You can learn more, apply to be a pilot or order a Soul Compass(TM) here:

This video is an edited version of our soft launch down to 1 hour + 20 minutes Q&A and covers the following topics:

Patent-pending Soul Compass(TM)
Biometrics of how we measure Allowance, Balance, Coherency & FLOW
How to calibrate with a Soul Compass(TM)
Abraham Hicks validates our scientific breakthrough
Flow validated during live call with Dr. Joe Dispenza
What is FLOW?
How do you hinder FLOW?
How do you FLOW?
Use Cases for the Soul Compass(TM)
Current limitations of the Soul Compass(TM)
Future plans for the Soul Compass(TM)
Ask Abraham
Surprise announcement!

Apply within to our pilot program here:
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